About myself

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Robert Kovacs. And kooow is my nickname because I want to distinguish myself from the other Kovács because the Kovacs is not rare name in Hungary. I am a programmer and I live in Szeged (Hungary) I've created this page because I would like to share my works with everybody.

You can find in this site selfmade photos, game, game mods and maps.

Interests and hobbies:

  • videogames (especially card games)
  • startup articles (Forbes / Techcrunch)
  • sci-fi movies
  • psychology/management/economy books (my favourite publisher is HVG)

That's enough about me.


I created some voxel models for the game developers. Free access for everyone (CC0).

55 voxel creatures

Call of Duty 2 prefabs

I used to create an own map with Cod2 Radiant software, but I did not finish it. I have no intention of accomplishing it, but I would like to share the so called prefabs (parts of maps, that have already been done). Free access for everyone (CC0).

Finished map part:
Big house 2 front:
Other prefabs:

Neverwinter Nights modules

I created 2 Neverwinter Nights modules (Both of them are hungarian).

Level up center 2 Download

This is a simple module, with which we can give our character XP and money as well as we can pick up weapons, shields and other equipments. Near to the starting point, there are some traps and three enemies. Therefore, after the distribution of XP, we can measure up how strong our character is that we created.

Unzip the zip file and copy the mod file into the 'modules' directory inside the installed Neverwinter Nights game folder!

Dragons treasure Download

This modul was created by me and my friend, Gabor Evanics, focusing on fight only, in a way that there are no complete story or quests, just enemies. However, there are innumerable amounts of them. The modul is produced for 4 or more players with the suggested minimum level of 20. To the walkthrough you will need a thief character, because of the locks.The Shadows of undrentide and Hordes of the underdark are required.

Unzip the zip file and copy the mod file into the 'modules' directory inside the installed Neverwinter Nights game folder!

Trackmania tracks

I created 2 Trackmania United Forever tracks. These works with Trackmania Original to.

Usage: Unzip the zip file and copy into the User profile\Documents\Trackmania\Tracks\ Challenges\Downloaded directory!

kooow's alpine multiple ways
kooow's desert multiple ways

My games

You can find my games here, but not all are playable.



Simple puzzle game with short campaign. It's an entry for a gamejam and made with Unity. You have to download to play.

c# unity pixelart PC
Space manoeuvre

Space manoeuvre

This is a simple action game, an Asteroids clone. The mouse is highly recommended.

html5 javascript tululoo game maker web


I created this card based strategy demo for a competition. You can play in a web browser. The language is hungarian and there is no english version.

c# scriptsharp html5 web javascript

Voice Quest

Simple puzzle game for Android where you can use the microphone to select options.

c# unity voice-controlled Android
Apu Inti Cannon

Apu Inti Cannon

Simple arcade shooter for Android, where you have to shoot the balls into the hole.

c# unity android


3d platformer game made during the Global Game Jam. Made in a team of four with Unity. You can play in your browser.

c# unity 3d web


The Jawar is a simple wargame. Multiplayer mode works over a LAN. It's to old and simple and I did not create download link.

java java media frawmework RMI lan


I created this game for my thesis. Simple click-shot game. The Microsoft has abandoned Silverlight so there is no link.

web silverlight c#
Everything attacks you

Everything attacks you

Fantasy/western On-Rails shooter, made for Ultimate Mini Game Challenge By BIGA

c# unity web

Android mobile games


Diminution is a unique puzzle game. It is a type of "falling-block" puzzle game but you can remove non red rectangles with your fingers.


I built an MVP. We founded a company and then closed after six months (2016.02-08). körvásár.hu was a home delivery service with price comparison.

c# asp.net mvc bootstrap typescript jquery

I joined the wyze.me in August 2015. Wyze.me is a mobile and web application that gives you a full picture of your finances, automatically. I left the company in 2017 october.

node.js mongodb angularjs ionic framework

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Gamer life (Steam)

I am a steam gamer.

kooow steam profile
Bookshelf - my library

(the goodreads.com hungarian version is the moly.hu)

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